Dalai lama xiv astrology chart

You highly dislike dishonest behaviour and prefer to act honourably at all times; you have a very strong moral compass. You enjoy thinking about philosophy and can be rather devoted to your beliefs even if you do not belong to any specific religion. You are self-assured and do not suffer with the insecurities that many are plagued with; you know who you are and what you are capable of.

When you do encounter trouble, it does not keep you down for long but rather you are likely to find your problems quite humorous. In fact, you try to insert a good deal of laughter and joy into your life in general. You hope to see others improving themselves and their situations and you are happy to aid them in doing so if it fosters their advancement.

The main concern with this placement is to be mindful of your tendency towards laziness and over-indulgence. You are well-loved by others due to your upstanding nature. You are able to sync idealistic characteristics with realism. The challenges you encounter allow you to demonstrate your endurance when circumstances get particularly difficult; a great deal of spiritual development is likely to arise due to these difficulties. Different, unconventional, uncommon, and maybe even odd matters will attract your motivations.

Rather unique individuals are thrust into your world in order to allow you opportunities to learn and expand your consciousness. You are capable of finding equilibrium between your need for independence and your obligations, enabling you to achieve incredible acts. You are detail-oriented and have a knack for organising which contribute to your success and allow you to aid others.

There is an abundance of internal tension that may need to be minded as this can have a negative effect on your physical health; find a way to unwind and reduce your stress levels. The old-fashioned way of doing things is not for you and you will not pay old traditions any mind when you are making your decisions. Searching for new experiences, you are always ready and willing to go off on a random adventure. You enjoy keeping up to date with all of the newest technology and often are the first to have the latest gadgets and gizmos.

You are very independent and need a great deal of space to venture forward into the world. Progressive and innovative, you strive for change and reform of some sort. You think outside the box and can be madly brilliant with finding creative answers to whatever problem you are presented with. Artistic and highly intuitive, you must find an outlet to express these gifts. You are able to remove yourself from the lower impulses of human nature and call on your more enlightened self for guidance and purpose.

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Many times situations sort of just happen to you, spontaneously and seemingly at random; you can never quite know what to expect in your life. Some unseen force seems to be protecting you as you can get big breaks just when you felt time were running out. They behave as actors in a production.

What is happening on stage? The signs in astrology are the way that the actors behave on stage. How are they living their life, in their highest good or in their shadow? The signs describe in detail how the actor might react, behave or conduct themselves. Cancers do not enjoy approaching situations in a straight line, but rather prefer moving indirectly learn about compatibility with Cancer here. They feel more comfortable when they can come towards something from a hidden angle and may take their time expressing themselves. However, their emotionality is anything but slow and steady.

They are prone to dramatically intense emotional reactions as their mood seems to blow with the wind. The people closest to them are likely to feel confused by the speed at which they change from cheerful to melancholic to angry. Typically a Cancer is diligent, friendly, empathetic, determined, protecting, and frugal, as well as quarrelsome, emotionally delicate, moody, instinctive, possibly even psychic, with a tendency to sacrifice themselves for others.

A Cancer will tend to react emotionally rather than mentally. They need to be in harmonious environments as they will easily soak up the energies of those around them. Due to their sensitive emotional natures, it is likely that they consistently try to elicit responses of kindness, caring, and empathy from others; they crave regular emotional reassurance.

Dalai lama xiv astrology chart reading

They can be a bit of a homebody as the home, and those in it, are a sanctuary for them. Their ties to those closest to them are so important that they often become co-dependent on their loved ones, needing to spend as much time with them as possible and the loved ones may begin to feel suffocated, requiring their own space.

Cancers are naturally inconsistent in their emotions and therefore can easily alter their views, thoughts, decisions, and the like. However, they have less energy than the average person and will tend towards doing things a bit more slowly in general.

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Exercise is usually something they must force themselves to do as they do not usually enjoy it for its own merit. Unfortunately, this adds to a problem with weight gain as they age. A Cancer may increase their physical activity by utilising their strong emotional nature; channelling their intensity correctly can indeed create much needed get up and go for these personalities.

Cancers remember a great deal more than most and this tied with their emotional sentimentality causes them to often sit around daydreaming about the past and what once was. However, this also manifests as hording and clinging to their belongings, unable to throw anything out as if this would somehow mean they are throwing away a piece of their past. Family is extremely important to a Cancer and they will work very hard to provide comfort and security for those they love. They may travel at times but will always return to their home base and those closest to them.

Home is home, and they will not go too long without checking in. Traditional and often conventional, though they find themselves over-thinking and focusing too much on possible difficulties in the future.

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Often they deal with these worries internally and may develop problems with the lining of their stomach from the stress. They instinctively feel that they are always one step away from danger and may be extra cautious because of it, paying attention to the situation around them in a suspicious manner.

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It would be most beneficial for them to develop a way to curb their emotional reactions. Emotionally delicate, careful, and possibly reserved about opening up to others. You find it difficult to convey the way you feel to others, even those that you may have strong feelings for. On the outside, you prefer to show your cerebral side. Being the recipient of grand gestures of affection is also uncomfortable for you as you either feel unworthy or as if the person is not being genuine.

Due to your discomfort with displays of warmth and affection, others will tend to view you as more cold and reserved than you may feel inside. It is also possible that your high standards push people away and it would be beneficial to you to develop tolerance and appreciation towards others even if they are not infallible; try to be lenient with your own mistakes as well. Your insistence that things be always perfect may be the cause of much unhappiness for you.

You are often diligent, dependable, cautious, intuitive, realistic, and sensible; this is especially true in regards to your feelings. Practicality, precision, and intelligence are likely to play a large role in your life. You have a gift of being able to size up a situation and quickly determine the most effective way to get the job done. This ability allows you to do well in a caretaking or administrator role. Be mindful not to become too exacting and demanding over the little things.

You enjoy aiding people, though you are often unable to comprehend their deeper emotional needs. It is important for you to learn to be more accepting as this will allow you to better assist others. Your mind is very flexible, lively, dynamic, alert, inquisitive, and multi-talented.

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You absorb information from anything you come across, especially by way of written or spoken communication or through experiencing new cultures, exploring distant lands, or meeting new people. Unfortunately, you are likely to suffer from great internal tension and anxiousness that must be expended; establishing an exercise routine will help you to counter this energy.

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You are quick-witted and effortlessly respond with clever retort or humorous jest. You prefer doing more than one thing at a time and may try to swallow more than you can chew. Boredom can be a problem for you as you are able to comprehend even complex matters at lightning speed; once you have understood something, it is difficult to hold your attention further. A jack-of-all-trades, you possess titbits of information on a variety of different subjects, yet cannot hold your focus long enough to master any of them.

You enjoy working with your hands and may not have a dominant hand preference; perhaps try playing the drums, you may find it comes easily to you. Engaging in verbal competitions of all sorts interests you. You need to watch out for a tendency towards being trivial, shallow, and insincere with others. In order to achieve success, you must learn to steady your mind and discipline your actions. Make sure to stick through with the endeavours you begin. Careers that deal with communication, articulation, persuasion, or the written or spoken word would be well suited for you, as would working in a field where you are able to change your scenery on a regular basis, perhaps traveling.

Without constant variety, you are likely to quickly grow bored of the situation and therefore have a tendency to switching careers or living quarters regularly. Try to develop tolerance for those that are unable to comprehend intricate matters as easily as you do.

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  7. In romantic affairs you are giving, loving, demonstrative, trustworthy, passionate, and adventurous. You despise petty behaviour in your romantic interest.

    Chart of Dalai Lama

    What you search for is the knight in shining armour, or the noble lady whom you can admire and cherish, a person that you can look up to and respect, someone to be lost in. It is important to you that attention be lavished upon you and that you are well cared for and valued. Someone charming who knows how to sweet talk, will go a long with you; you desire to feel like you mean the world to your partner.