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It was based on a simplistic "science" vs: "superstition," which was formed at the very outset.

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In reality the Enlightenment was a clash between rich city vs: poor rural, bookish vs: hand-me-down. The Enlightenment amounts to city folk who do not know where milk comes from. Roell declares science to be a series of consensus-based fads.

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Over the long run, he says, as much quirky as correct. Roell says to read old science journals. Roell then sketches a new world with astrology, most particularly a new medicine, based on solid astrological analysis, rather than scientific guesswork. Roell declares astrology, like engineering but unlike science, to be based upon fundamental realities and is therefore permanent and unchanging. Along the way in this book, he adds lots of celebrity and political riff-raff for your amusement, a masterful tour de force of astrology at work. Seller Inventory AAV More information about this seller Contact this seller 7.

More information about this seller Contact this seller 8. Here is a collection of essays from AstroAmerica's acclaimed weekly Newsletter, along with an assortment of other essays of interest. Highlights include: The key to using house rulers and dispositors in reading a chart. Numerous tricks to interpret intercepted signs. Reincarnation and the natal chart.

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Aphorisms, what they are, how they work. The secret to politicians and their charts. The best ways to make money with astrology. A new, unique, history of astrology. How to rectify a chart using character, not math. Why Western astrology is just as good as Vedic. The surprising secret of the ancient Greek Antikythera mechanism: It's an astrological tool.

Specially written for this book, a revolutionary new theory of astrology, based on planetary resonance in a defined clock-work mechanism. Discover the Earth's secret third zodiac. Interspersed, slice-of-life, stream-of-consciousness essays. What it's like to live in America in the first years of the 21st century. The author was introduced to astrology in the early 's and has studied intensely since the mid's.

He previously published AstroAmerica's Daily Ephemeris. This is his first book of essays. More information about this seller Contact this seller 9. Shipped from UK. Seller Inventory LQ More information about this seller Contact this seller Perfect Paperback. Condition: Used: Good.

From the Introduction: You have economic hard times to thank for this book. I am by profession a bookseller. In , a friend suggested a newsletter as a way of enhancing book sales. I think she had monthly specials, promo sheets and upcoming new titles in mind, but I was too dense for that. Instead I wrote on topics of my own fancy.

The first two years, , when the newsletter appeared monthly were, well, dreadful. The week that Venus went retrograde in March, , with the stock market stabilizing after months of plunging, I shifted from a monthly single-page newsletter, to a weekly three-pager. I followed a three-page format for a couple of years. Most of the worth-while essays were compiled in my first book, Skeet Shooting for Astrologers. Two years later in March, , with the economy ever more bleak and myself running out of ideas, I started writing celebrity delineations and in the process broke out of a rigid format.

The delineation of Jon Stewart, of the Daily Show, was the first of these. Retrograde Venus has turned up in a surprising number of the charts I've written about, given its rarity, among them, the chart for the Republican Party, as well as the charts for Rep. No, my Venus is not retrograde. Essays are in order of publication, in part as I think organizing by topic makes for a boring block of reading. The book starts with the last of the 2-column essays from the original 3-page weekly.

Meanwhile the economy is now in the fifth year of straight decline. I do wish the people in charge of the country would just send us all envelopes stuffed with cash. I can live on barter just as well as money, but when that happens there will be no authors, there will be no books, there will be no commerce. Money has its uses. The site uses cookies to offer you a better experience. By continuing to browse the site you accept our Cookie Policy, you can change your settings at any time. Not available. This item has been added to your basket View basket Checkout.

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